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What is copyright?


Copyright is a type of intellectual property that protects the expression of ideas that are original creative works. These include writing books or screenplays, movies, paintings or other art, songs or musical composition or software and must be express in a tangible form. In some countries, copyright is protected through registration while in other countries, including Singapore, the creator/author automatically enjoys copyright protection once the works are created and expressed in a permanent form. The period of protection depends on the type of copyright works. 

Why should I protect my copyright?

Like the other forms of IP, copyright protection gives the author the ability to license the works and generate revenue, for example through royalties.


How can we help you? Our scope of services include:

  • Copyright portfolio management.Advice on copyright protection.

  • Copyright registration in selected Southeast Asian jurisdictions.

  • Advice on copyright infringement in Southeast Asia.

  • Copyright infringement litigation,

  • Drafting/responding to cease and desist letters.

  • Updating a change in copyright ownership or name.

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