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Happy World IP Day!

Happy World IP Day to my fellow IP colleagues, my esteemed clients and all businesses around the world! IP has been a challenging field because a lot of times it is sidelined over sales and marketing but the reality is that IP is just as important in a business’ success. Over the years I am heartened to see a growing number of smaller businesses recognizing at an early stage the importance of investing in their IP. We all know that small to medium size businesses are the backbones of many economies and they create jobs for a vast percentage of a population.

As a small business though, it is a very hard to know and decide which direction to take for the benefit of the company especially when it comes to investing time, energy and money in in protecting IP. I’ve personally seen some struggle to make a decision because it’s hard to find the balance needed. This is where IP professionals can play a huge role in alleviating concerns by answer questions and lend a helping hand to SMEs in developing the best IP strategy for the relevant business. I believe that businesses succeed because of the unwavering support that is received when least expected. That is the unparalleled difference that could set one company apart from another in the realm of IP protection.

I hope that the many SMEs who have suffered due to Covid will bounce back stronger than before and we are here to support these SMEs embrace and understand the value of their IP. It’s not just about protecting IP but doing it right from the outset and helping SMEs navigate uncharted waters through knowledge and guidance.

Signing off,

Kiran Dharsan Seiter

Managing Partner

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