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We're your in-house counsel on the outside. 

One way is to ask for a referral from a friend or colleague. Another, more effective way is simply to try out the firm and let the work speak for itself. This is what we, at Seiter IP Consultants LLP, advocate. Like most other trademark and IP firms, we too offer high quality, prompt, reliable and cost-effective trademark, design, copyright, patent and other business-related IP services in Singapore and other Southeast Asian countries.  

But, we have three important differences:

Our clients come to us because they are frustrated in dealing with multiple agents in Southeast Asia and prefer working with one firm, one contact, without the hassle of dealing with inconsistent reporting styles, language barriers, and incomplete legal advice. 

We never back down from a challenge, offering unconventional solutions to complex IP issues.

When deciding on an IP or trademark firm to work with, it is quite natural to ask:

  • Is this firm any good? Are they reliable?

  • How's the quality?

  • Are they prompt?

  • Are they reasonably priced?

  • How long have they been around? 

Well, to get your answers, the best option is to go to the firm's website to find out more. ​Most of the time, you will find very informative and detailed information about the firm, telling you exactly what you want to hear, i.e. that the firm has been around for many years, provides prompt, quality, reliable and cost-effective services. This may be true of most firms, of course, but then how do you decide on which firm to work with when most of them have the same qualities and attributes?

You enjoy fixed fees

By engaging our services, you will have a concrete picture of the costs ahead of time.

Unlike most firms, we do not charge on an hourly rate basis for a lot of the work we do. Rather, we charge on a fixed-fee basis. We do so even for reviewing, advising and responding to office actions and/or Provisional Refusals.


We do not charge for status updates nor do we charge for initial preliminary assessment of a matter. We are able to do this because we enjoy exclusive preferred fee arrangements with our local agents. 

We are not a postbox

We prioritize on making sure that you will receive thorough and complete advice.

It is quite typical for firms that provide IP services regionally to act as a post-box, turn-tabling legal advice without any value-add, directly from the local IP agent to their client. We are different. 


In countries where we work with local counsel, we will review and analyse the advice rendered first. Only when we are satisfied that we have explored all possible angles of the issue at hand will we report back to our client. 

We ease your workload 

We eliminate language barriers, different reporting styles and provide a centralised service.

We have highly qualified and experienced professionals with the right experience for undertaking your trademark and/or IP work in Southeast Asia. 


We make it easy for you by providing centralised, pre-filing, filing, prosecution and post-grant services that will reduce your workload and simplify the process of filing and prosecuting trademarks as well as designs.

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