A small firm that thinks big. Our size is our advantage.

Seiter IP Consultants LLP is a boutique Intellectual Property Consultancy firm providing different types of IP services, particularly trademark, design, copyright and patent protection services in commercially significant Southeast Asian countries, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos. 

The firm's partners, Kiran Dharsan Seiter and Marni Afandi, have a combined 30 years hands-on experience in the field, dealing with all types of IP and commercial business law matters in the region. We represent domestic and international businesses from diverse industries. Our clients include multinational corporations, individual entrepreneurs, small businesses, prominent brand owners, manufacturers, distributors and retailers in industries such as apparel and accessories, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and dairy products, foods and beverages, electronics and computers, industrial equipment and machinery, personal care, health care, and medical services and products. 

At our firm, your IP is our business, your success is our success. We know that your IP is an invaluable asset that can help you generate revenue and beat the competition. We understand the challenges and concerns that every business owner is faced with, which is why we want to help you protect your IP rights with as much ease as possible.

We are a small firm that thinks big. We are as capable as any IP firm with one difference, we relate with our clients, not holding them hostage to billable hours. As a small firm, our work ethics revolve around transparency, honesty, and integrity. We prioritize our clients’ interests over ours, offering complimentary advice and guidance on intellectual property issues. Our mission is to collaborate and engage with our clients in achieving their business goals, be it a direct client or a law firm representing specific corporate entities in this region.  Our goal is to develop strong, long-term ties with the people and companies we connect with. Trust is the essence of our firm. We are here to listen, analyze the issues, answer questions and, most importantly, offer in-depth and complete advice promptly. 

​We work very closely and exclusively with top-ranking IP firms in Southeast Asia and have established good professional relationships with these firms over the years. Our firm enjoys a mutually beneficial fee-arrangement such that we never double charge our clients. 

Alert to what businesses are faced with in an ever changing global economy, we are dedicated to the success of our clients’ branding, creative and business endeavours. 

In association with Dharsan Seiter Law Corporation

In the interest of providing a more holistic array of Intellectual Property (IP) services in Singapore, in October 2017, Kiran formed the law firm Dharsan Seiter Law Corporation to support Seiter IP Consultants LLP.


The firm’s core practice area is also Intellectual Property law, focused on Singapore matters such as Patent prosecution, Trademark prosecution, Design prosecution, Oppositions, Cancellation actions, Invalidation actions, Cease-and-Desist letters, Trademark Litigation, Patent litigation, Registered Design litigation and Copyright litigation before the Singapore Courts. 


For more information on the services offered by Dharsan Seiter Law Corporation, we invite you to visit www.dharsanseiter.sg

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